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It’s not like it used to be…

After three months on a strict low gluten, low dairy, low yeast, low sugar and largely processed food free diet, I’ve become aware that now that I am clean of much of the toxins that had built up in my body, I don’t have the resistance to allergens that I used to have. Or perhaps I am more keenly aware of how sick they can make someone.
Two training nights in a row have not catered for food allergies so after indulging in “normal” pizza and similar foods, I thought I might just develop a headache and/or upset stomach a few days later.
Instead I find myself breaking out in a rash and developing blisters in my mouth the following morning.
It would seem that low allergen, unprocessed foods and organically grown vegetables are definitely not a “lifestyle choice” but an ongoing necessity – although already I find myself in full agreement with such sentiment.
My Inner Hipster is gloating.